Advances in the technology behind CCTV means systems are more user-friendly and affordable than ever before. Once a system is installed in your home you can view your cameras almost anywhere in the world. Using a modern Smartphone, Tablet or Computer you can log onto your system with the simple touch of a button, giving you that real peace of mind when you are away from home on holiday, or simply at work. We can offer a multitude of systems to suit your needs and budget, from packages to bespoke solutions.

Analogue CCTV


Analogue CCTV is affordable for all. Systems start from just £499 installed and benefits include: infrared night vision, 3-4 weeks recording capacity, maintenance free and viewable away from the home.




High Definition cameras offer an ultra-clear picture and can be positioned almost anywhere within the home. The signals can be transmitted over the WIFI or electrical ring-main, this then means you can have cameras in outbuildings, sheds, garages etc. We can also install mobile cameras which can be used for baby monitors, pet monitors etc. These systems start from just £749 installed. Benefits include: smart infrared night vision, alarm features, 1080P picture quality, 3-4 weeks recording capacity, maintenance free and viewable away from the home.

Professional advice with quality, friendly service - Dr Stephen Ashley, Wansford.


Neil was able to identify exactly what was needed for home security, selecting suitable discrete locations for the cameras and the recording equipment. The installation and setup of the software was complex but expertly managed and followed up by Neil to ensure everything worked well. His persistence in checking the quality of the images on computer and smartphone was commendable. There was no possibility of him moving on until we were entirely happy. We are and others will be too.

Covert Cameras


Small covert cameras can be used to keep a watchful eye on a family member who is disabled or house-bound as well as checking on their carers or other house visitors while you are not there. This can enable you to go to work or go shopping while checking your CCTV images from your smartphone. It can be a great relief to lead a semi-normal life with the reassurance that you can respond quickly if there is a problem. If you are not sure which system will suit your needs please contact us and we can do a no-obligation survey of your property.





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