CCTV plays a major role in the fight to reduce crime. It protects your business premises and allows your site to be monitored 24/7, providing on-site security with low manpower costs.


A wide range of high tech security cameras enable pictures to be viewed or recorded on location, transmitted to other sites and viewed from anywhere in the world on a smartphone or tablet.

Wireless CCTV Security Systems


Wireless CCTV security systems enable cable-free communication between CCTV cameras and an internet router. It’s an increasingly popular option as it significantly reduces installation time and disturbance.


It removes the need for running cables – often hard or impossible to install in historic buildings due to space or conservation constraints CCTV is not just about security surveillance. In the industrial workplace cameras are essential to some health and safety requirements.


Accidents within the workplace are becoming more common than ever, and your insurance premiums could be effected if your working environment is not covered, recorded footage of an incident could be your premium protector in a claim dispute.


Workforce surveillance can help to maintain order, prevent anti-social behaviour, stealing and nuisance, and more importantly improve efficiency within the work place.

Whatever the needs of your business Pro Storm CCTV will provide the best solution through design and installation, using quality products from the security industry leaders.


Our technically advanced systems can alert you to a multitude of scenarios in many different ways. If required, they can email you a snapshot at a particular given time frame alerting you to movement on your site or in your factory.


They can also be programmed to alert you when someone steps over a perimeter and cameras can use facial recognition to pick out an unwanted visitor. Not only can you view your business premises from your smartphone or tablet but we offer an optional monitoring service to provide high quality surveillance 24 hours a day. We have a team of experienced commercial CCTV engineers and security consultants, and systems range from basic packages to more complex solutions. High tech options such as IP/HD-CCTV are increasingly the choice of the business owner, for clarity of pictures, flexibility and integration with other systems. A commercial CCTV system installed by Pro Storm CCTV will ensure you have peace of mind when you leave the office for the day.


In any situation involving children there are data protection laws to consider and privacy to safeguard. Our team is DBS checked and we are sensitive to each school’s individual circumstances and able to offer an appropriate and cost effective security solution. Cameras can be used to monitor footfall, prevent bullying, observe behaviour, prevent theft and vandalism and identify unauthorised individuals in the school.



Many retail units and shopping precincts are upgrading their CCTV cameras to a new High Definition system, for its clear and sharp images, which is an effective way of identifying an offender and gathering evidence. CCTV is proven to be the most cost-effective method for crime prevention, especially in shopping units where large groups can gather and anti-social behaviour is common. Pro Storm CCTV can advise you on the best security solution for your shop or retail unit.


Retail CCTV



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